Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm not up to speed with my picture taking, so things are a mishmash of the past two days.  This morning was different...for sure, but I was able to deal with it.  The hard part was letting Pony go because there was no alternative.  Abbe was calling for Pony, as the indoor was closed and she thought she was in there.  They all know she's gone and as in the past...they seem to adjust.

You may think I'm nuts, but when a horse has to be put down, I take them to the indoor and let all the other horses come in.  They did that last night and Pony was loose with them.

Of course they all knew something was up, as they are not normally let out of their stalls at 11pm.

They were all back out in the paddock when the Vet arrived so Pony had to be brought in.  The others did not come with.  When it was over, the only one who came to the door was Abbe.  In the past, they have all come back in...maybe to say goodbye.    Enough on that subject.

Today I was a crazy woman in the barn.  I cleaned out Pony's stall and turned it into a grooming/whatever area that included all of L'orange's crates and new "box."

Tomorrow I will show you the results of my energy.

It was grey and quiet today.  May have reached 30 degrees...I did not check.

Seymour just could not stay away from the water trough.

 L'orange has been having an easier time with the dogs.  As soon as I put them in the house, he comes out to play with Seymour and Sid.

By the way...I did have class yesterday.  The dogs, cats and Tina did their usual.

Sandy finished her drawing and added a touch of the holiday to it.

She had already started on a new project at home.

By the end of class she had made a lot of progress.

For the past several years, Tina has brought these incredible "cream colored ponies" to our last class before Christmas.  They tasted as good as they looked.

Jean continued to work on her blanket while Mel and Tina started on new pieces.

(Mel's bird)

With a half hour to go, the Vet arrived and I had to go out with Pony....they were on automatic pilot.

Getting back to today...Gary went over to Alvin's and got many barrels of shavings.  What a resource!  The stalls look like they are full of feathers.  Barb did chores tonight so I did not have to go back out to the barn....didn't make dinner either.  We went out for a bite.  Now, I'm going to fall asleep trying to watch a little tv...what a sleeping aid!
Night all.  Perhaps I will get reorganized by tomorrow.


Sharon Creech said...

Don't know how you can bear it . . . You are v. strong.

Terry said...

No, I do not think you are a crazy woman. I think you are a warm and wonderful woman.

Achieve1dream said...

Again I'm so sorry for your loss. Dealing with the death of our wonderful horses is so difficult. It will get easier though and you will get reorganized again. I'm glad Barb was there to do chores and help you out. It sounds like you have a fantastic support system. *hugs*

mj said...

Just dropped by to see how you were doing. Time does help and the memories remain. Take care.

Rising Rainbow said...

You've had a lot going on there. I am sorry for your loss.

Jo said...

Lori, you're not crazy, I'm so glad the other horses could say their farewells. And just like a woman: we deal with grief or problems by embarking on a big project like springcleaning. Your art students are a wonderful crowd too. Blessings, Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sorry I missed this post. It's always so hard to let one of our family go but in the end it's sometimes the only decision we can make. I hope you remember all the good times with Opal and that can carry you through your sadness. I'm sure Abbe will be fine after some time. Sorry again for your loss of Opal pony.