Saturday, December 11, 2010


Was I seeing things, or was some grass showing this morning?  No ice on the water, no snow....what the heck....

Barb came over and we were finished with chores by 9:15.

Yesterday when I was at Copy Town having cards printed, I had three done of King Mustafa and could not wait until Christmas to give them to Barb.  Here they are...the light made the color a little weird tonight, they are not so yellow looking.

My young Sidney seems to love the snow and does not care how deep it is.

At noon I was picked up by my friend Alicia...we went out to lunch at the Bergen Family Restaurant (one of those townie joints that I have posted before.  Always busy with good food).  I wanted to give her the cards I had made from her mother's art work.  She loved all three.


Got home, grabbed my drum and went down to the college.

This week I felt better than I did after last Saturday.  I think I was more focused.  There were several new people there and we had the opportunity to work on a little salsa.  I managed to take several videos so I would be able to practice what was demonstrated.  For example....

Didn't get home until 4:30 and before I knew was time for evening chores.

In by 5:30....a simple dinner and I'moutahere.
Night all.  Near 40 today...rain, freezing rain and some snow may be on tomorrow's agenda.

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Gayle said...

I hope you don't get the freezing rain. That is never any fun and so hard on the trees. Your cards are are so thoughtful to others. Enjoy your Sunday.