Thursday, December 2, 2010


A little drama in the sky this morning....but it did not last all that long.

The majority of the day was very grey....

Chores were done in slow mo...  What a drag winter must be for horses.

Had an early lunch and left at 12:30 for a dentist appointment in Batavia.

Fortunately, the roads were bare.  50 miles from here (Buffalo area) they had a foot and a half of snow and part of the Thruway was closed.

I have photographed this beautiful old home before.  It is a very non-conventional place for a dentist's office.

The trees were frosted.

On the way home I stopped at Greg'ry's Bakery in Bergen.  Picked up some cracked wheat bread and a couple of sweet things.  A chocolate cream pie would have been nice, but we have barely recovered from Thanksgiving.  This is a tiny little village, but we love going here and to Ralph and Rosie's for pizza.

Did not do much for the rest of the afternoon.  Went out to do chores at 5 and had leftover sauce for dinner.  Can't beat that sweet Italian sausage/red pepper combo.

Phoebe is doing a "demo" of our winter mode.....

 Seymour and Gucci thought they could do it better.

Sidney said it was "no contest."

Whenever I work on my Journal, they surround me and it is impossible for me to avoid taking more pictures.

You know where I'm headed.

Night all.

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Esther Garvi said...

I love your days, Lori! The sky is beautiful and the animals are such a joy!