Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Not as bad as it has been the past few mornings.  We probably got 3-5 inches of snow overnight.

Gar had Yoga this morning so I was on my own for chores.

The sun wanted to come out, but it just couldn't.

Except for two minutes when it came through Abbe's window.

L'Orange stuck with me like glue...inside and outside.

Happy cat....

While we were shoveling the driveway for the hundredth time, Seymour and Sid came out and joined him.  They played for over half and hour....wild cats.

Do you think we have enough snow yet?

When I let Phoebe and Gucci out, they chased L'Orange over to the wood pile.  Mean dogs...

They never chase Sid and Seymour because they love them.

 Right at noon...look what happened!  A simple pleasure... to see the sun.

Fortunately, I have a 2pm appointment with the massage body needs to be loosened up after all that shoveling.

Got to go now, will finish up later.

It's almost 11 and I'm back.  Kept my 2pm appointment and it really made a difference.

On the way home I made a couple of stops and had just enough time to make some rice pudding for dessert.

After being outside most of the day, Sid and Seymour were happy to come in and sack out.

They kept me company while I finished things up in the kitchen.

Tonight we went over to Brenda and Al's along with Ann and Ron...our monthly get together.

They were all decorated up for the holidays.

We started off with a cranberry salsa/chips and an outstanding cheese board.

That was followed by a bowl of squash and apple soup...smooth and delish.

Next...a spinach salad.

The main baked ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, a corn casserole and homemade rolls.

The picture of my rice pudding (dessert) did not turn out, but it sure tasted good.

Brenda (some of you may remember) is a great water colorist.  Below is a painting of her new puppy, Tootsie Louise.  She is just 6 months old and tonight she was a perfect little angel.

She also did a painting of King Mustafa, Masterpiece and Berlin.  What a surprise!  I just posted this shot on the last Sunday Stills Challenge and she had turned it into a painting.  Wow.  There was another one of Berlin, but I did not get a shot of that one.  Will do that later.

Below, is a close up of our windmill.  What an outstanding composition.

After dinner we went in by the fire...Tootsie and I relaxed in a comfy chair where we both fell asleep.

Time to go to bed.
Night all.


Louise said...

It was sunny this morning, but now it's starting to cloud up again. I feel for you, because my body feels just the same, all tight and bothered from shoveling snow. Hopefully, the intensity will slow down from now on.

L'Orange certainly has grown into a most handsome cat, hasn't he?

Ingrid de Villiers said...

Lori, what beautiful photographs! I wouldn't mind a white Chirstmas...but not in Florida although we had freezing temperatures the past few days. Enjoy the snow!

Terry said...

Seymour looks like a miniature cougar in that photo!

Liesl said...

Hi Lori,that sure looks cold! I love that spot of sunshine you captured. Those paintings are beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the massage.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The pictures are wonderful. Can't believe you've got so much snow. Glad to hear your massage helped. I'd like to have a live-in masseuse wouldn't you?

allhorsestuff said...

Fabulous, really good watercolor artist, she is!
Your photos of Sid see so cute. Its amazing how they play in the snow!