Saturday, December 18, 2010


At 7am the sky started to warm up.  In the next half hour it turned a pinky/orange/yellow and stayed that way until 7:30.

Usually, they say red sky in morning, sailors take warning...but this was not going to be one of those days.

Barb and I arrived at the barn at the same time and chores went as usual.

I don't think the temperature hit 30 today, and the blue skies made you feel like we were in Colorado.

I filled one of the run-ins with some very old for a playground (used by Sid and L'orange).


Seymour was not interested.....No!  He insisted on getting a drink out of the water trough and almost fell in.

It would not be the first time!

Just look at that sky....

Too bad this cold is beating me up so I couldn't really enjoy it.

I did manage to take my little trailer down to get inspected.  Need to reregister it by the end of the to get some sawdust for the stalls.  That was at 3.  Just did not have it in me to go to drumming head was so plugged up I could not deal with it.

When I got back to the farm it was still gorgeous.

Seeing that Barb had chore duty tonight, I could just take it easy.  Got together all the Christmas presents...sent a box out to Nevada and that was that.  We don't go crazy for Christmas...keep it pretty simple.

Jen was bringing up stuff for dinner, so my little critters and I lounged for awhile.  All set to watch a movie (Netflix) and it got stuck after 40 minutes.  So much for that.

I was all comfortable in front of the fire.

By 4pm the sun was shining in the front paddock.
and you could see the moon.....

It will be near 30 everyday for the next week.  Fine with me.

Remember how I said you probably think we always eat pasta...guess what Jen brought up... a bolanaise (how in the heck do you spell that?) sauce.  Fabulous flavor (onions, carrots, Italian sausage, farm sauce, wine etc.).  We are now "pastad" out.

After dinner, she made some cheese fondue for a party at her friend's house tonight.  Of course we had to test it.

I swear, Sidney is working on a modeling portfolio...he just begs to be photographed.

Can you see Gucci's 3 inch eyelashes?

There he goes again.

The whole thing bores Phoebe to tears....

Gucci is always game....

Good Night all you people out there!  I'm going into show biz!

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Louise said...

He is a handsome fellow, that Sidney! I love the picture of him that you are using for your header. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. Winter colds are awful. Try some ginger brandy, it's good for what ails you. Or, just plain ginger ale will work, too.