Thursday, December 9, 2010


The good news!  We did not have to shovel today.

It was a soft sunrise....not like the bright ones of last week.  But I'll take it.  Much better then the dark and snowy mornings we've been having.

By the time I finished hanging hay bags, the blue showed up full force.

Apparently the horses have been braving the deep snow and wandered out to the arena.

I tried to set some of the hay up in the sunniest part of the paddock.

Back in the barn, Sid was up in Abbe's window watching me clean her stall.

When I finished....the three Amigos followed me out of the barn and took drinks out of the water trough.  They think I filled it for them.

I sure hope they can all swim....

Isn't that sunshine grand??????

Sidney retreated under the wheelbarrow, as L'orange and he got in a hissing contest.

Gary left at 9 this morning for two chorus performances.  There was no way I could do the chores and be ready to go by, I played hookie (how do you spell that).

After lunch I pickled the last of our beets....

...desperate for glass containers.

Just put them in the frig.  They last for a long time, and we will use most of them Christmas Eve.

Around 2:30 I drove to Brockport for a little shopping and to get my last haircut fine tuned.  I was letting it grow over my ears trying to go for a "wedge" and just could not get through the process.  Fortunately Pat (who cuts my hair) let me walk in and she fixed me up....back to normal.  Whew!

On the way home, the sky looked like this to the West.  It was about 4pm.

When I pulled in the driveway, it looked like this to the East.  Amazing.....


Evening chores at 5 and leftover casserole for dinner.

Now, I can't wait to take a hot shower.
Night all.  We just might make it to 34 degrees tomorrow.

Special greetings to Sabine and her family in Germany!  Good night.....


allhorsestuff said...

Wow...been away for a short time, and you got dumped -with snow!
Those kitties are so adorable...L' Orange and Sid look to me now quite comfortable.
Your Thanksgiving cactus header is stunning!

diane b said...

The last picture looks like a post card. It must be cold doing the chores.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love that season's greetings photo of Phoebe and Gucci. It's adorable and funny.

Glad you're finally getting to see some blue sky and no snow for a change. Your kitties look like they have lots of fun, I'm guessing they didn't fall in the water trough...

stace41971 said...

34 degrees sounds almost tropical at this's -5 here and I'm stalling having to go outside....brrrrrr!! I hope it does warm up for you...and if it does..send some this way!!!

Unknown said...

A lovely day!

John Going Gently said...

your farm always looks so neat and tidy!
I am sure you know I HATE snow

Jo said...

Wow, that's some snow, Lori. I commend you for doing all your chores on your own under these dire conditions. I love your kitties. They are adorable. Oh, I know all about trying a "new" hairstyle. I make it for 'so long' and then my hairdresser also has to make place and fix me back to normal! Have a wonderful weekend. Jo PS If you feel like a bit of sun, do pop into my garden with me on Saturday! I'd love to "see" you there!

Gayle said...

The sunshine looks so beautiful and must really give a person pep. I am on the dark side of the hill and don't get sun during these few months of deep freeze time. I haven't been to town much during daylight hours so I'm really missing it. 34* will be lovely..enjoy!

Sharon Creech said...

I've been away, but am back in snowland again; it's nice to catch up w/your photos. Those animals and skies just make me smile, smile, smile.