Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night I put the hose in the basement so I could fill up the water trough this morning.

First I had to shovel a path to the the past three days we have gotten about 20 inches of snow.

Seeing that I have to push the wheel barrow through the paddock, I even have to shovel some of it.

Fortunately Gary helped me with chores.

My yucca plant is still in sight.

I was shoveling the driveway until about 11:45 when Gary got home and took over.  I'm so glad the snow was light, as it was between 7 and 10 inches in spots.

Only two people in class today.  Phoebe and Gucci were happy to perform for Tina.

Mel was refining his fox drawing....

And Tina continued to work on her watercolor....

When they left I made a quick run to Wegmans.  Our cupboards were bare.
Tonight I have duplicate bridge and I won't have the energy to do anymore posting when I get home around 11.

So, night all.  (Gary started my car for me so I won't freeze when I head down to Brockport).


Virginia said...

I"m worn out from reading this! I work a jacket and tee shirt to work at the APple Store. They gave me a new fleece to wear but I"m worried I"ll get too hot! Oh my how delightfully different our lives are. I love seeing your fabulous animals and your photographs are so wonderful.
I hope you have a lovely holiday season my friend. I thank you for your visits to my blog.

Terry said...

Oh my! That's a lot of work. We are still dry. The paddock is becoming dust.

Gayle said...

Well, you and I still have a 40* difference, but I know I won't be getting any snow with my temperatures. Glad for now...I have too much going on to add snow shovelling to it although I know the boys would love more snow. Tomorrow I need to haul Daisy out a bale of straw. It is so hard to make myself go out in these temperatures, but I'll use you for motivation. Time to change out the sawdust in the chicken coop, too, but it is nice and toasty in there! :) Hope you get a break tomorrow.

diane b said...

Brr looks cold and sounds like hard work. The poinsettias are lovely.

Val Ewing said...


We've been having some, but the hoses in the basement is common around here, except at my house where they go in the bathtub to thaw if the drain method didn't work!

Keep safe!

Jill said...

You are right Lori; our weather is very similar! We also got around 20 inches. Been shoveling all morning. Trying to get gates open and paths for the horses. It is quite early for this! I am thinking of buying one of those heated hoses that you plug in. As always the art is beautiful!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

20 inches! It's way too early for that much snow. I'll give the weather service a call and request that they put a hold on any more snow for your area until January. We only had 2-3 inches and it's almost gone already. Have you tried using a large plastic/rubber sled instead of the wheelbarrow. It's so much easier to drag than push.

Beautiful flowers and art work.

Michelle said...

We keep getting a few flakes, but no significant snow.