“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, we got half an inch of rain last night. The good news? It was about 60 degrees when I let the dogs out this morning.

Off came the sheets...first thing. Then Gar and I did chores and the horses went out to the back "steamy" pasture.

Gucci and Phoebe were doing mug shots when we got back into the house.

Then it was all about finishing everything for the party in the barn. We covered the tables, but twinky lights around the farm wagon, brought out coolers, drinks, baskets of apples, garbage cans and anything else we needed. Jenny came up around 4:30 to help. She and Gary made baskets of popcorn while I helped the band get set up...then it was time for a shower and people started arriving.

The Cooks were the first to arrive....so the wagon looked pretty empty in this shot.

The next 5 photos were taken by Topper (I can't believe he sent them to me already). He is not happy unless he is taking pictures of me taking pictures.

The man in the foreground is Sheldon Meyers. He took the night off from campaigning for a seat on the County Legislature (Jenny has been doing a lot of work with him).

I only took 94 pictures tonight.

I'll try to spare you from seeing all of them.

If it isn't Roger, Gary and Ace Photographer...Tina (of Christina's World).

My little camera got a real workout.

Darrin, Trina and Darrin's father Jim. (Now he's a man with a great camera! We are about ready to go out and do some serious picture taking...a real shoot with composition in mind).

This is Hanny. She and Jenny worked together for 7 years in a Congressman's office (John LaFalce).

Here's the band. Miles Watts and the Brothers From Other Mothers.

This is the base player, who just had knee surgery three weeks ago and was kind enough to tough out this gig.

This is Miles. We have known him since he was about 2 years old ...his back yard butted up to ours. I think he has grown into a Sting look alike...and can he sing (and play the guitar and mandolin and harmonica).

Donna and Dick are ballroom dancers.

Did I ever tell you that Dick and I taught Ballroom Dancing to some College Phys. Ed. classes?
It was a great experience.

And here is the real dude...I'll tell you about him later.

This group is not shy about dancing... Lorna and Dan.

Here he is, this is Clyde Morgan. He is part of the Dance Department at SUNY Brockport and is the director of Sankofa...the ultimate African Dancing and Drumming Ensemble. He is telling my friend Sara that I was his son's art teacher.

The boys on the bench.

This is quite a distinguished group! Joe, on the left, was in the Philosophy Department and Dick was into Physics. You already know about Clyde.

Here's my best shot of Topper tonight.

And Tina must have been moving when I took this one. She and Darrin will have more photos for me tomorrow.

Below is a tiny clip of the band. I danced too much and played the tambourine. I can hardly walk, my knee is so messed up. Got to go now. I just can't wait to clean out the barn tomorrow morning...thank heaven Kevin is coming up to help. Night all.


  1. What a fun evening...great photots!

  2. What a great party! I'm jealous. The band is super too. Where are pictures of you dancing?

  3. Well that looked loads of fun and you seemed to organise it easily and quickly.

  4. Looks as though you raised the roof on the barn last night! Great party shots. I also liked the tattered leaves. Have a restful Sunday!

  5. Lori----Many thanks to you and Gary for a terrific evening--You two are truly community builders---great food, friends and music made for an outstanding time---Jim and Sara

  6. Looks like a great time. The band clip was a nice touch.


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