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Friday, October 30, 2009

#2058 JUST RELAX...

Another mild morning. Chores went quickly...took the dogs with me and of course they got all muddy.

The horses nibbled on their hay for a little while, but went out to the pasture for the green stuff. (Below, are the photos I took of the sky this morning...it was an amazing site).

Cindy, here are a couple of "as is" photos of my Smuckers harness. You'll have to come over and see it.

Nice headstall....

Headed back to the house...we have millions of leaves everywhere...and political signs. Don't forget to vote this coming Tuesday.

A couple of flowers are still hanging on by a thread.

Went down to the Town Hall to drop off some paper work. These huge pieces of equipment are everywhere. Still zigging and zagging all through the village.

Randy came up to help Gary finish planting garlic...they got rained out and ended up in front of the fire.

It's a real luxury to be able to do this in the middle of the day.

This one's for you Frank!

Gary brings wood to the side porch in a big green wagon, so we can keep this fire going.

Homemade pizza tonight, so I started on the sauce.

Sauted some onions and red peppers for a topping.

Bought the dough at Wegmans, and let it rise all afternoon.

Put together a salad before I went out to the barn.

The dogs were not too happy with me, as I didn't take them along.

They only got as far as the back yard.

While we were eating our pizza, Doug (from down the road) was taking away our manure pile to use as fertilizer in his gardens.

It was too dark for me to get a picture....but he's in there! And I really appreciate having that area emptied out.

I did not do much today. Had great intentions, wanted to try out my bitless bridle....instead, the fire won out. Night all.

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  1. Well, I have been loving your cute little Firely Logs pictures! It would be very inviting to sit near for me too!

    Is yours the new Bitless with the inverted figure 8? I have a synthetic black one, for the trails, I just dip it in water afterwards!
    I went riding with someone that has the leather one (with figure 8 under the jaw)like that...I really wanted her to have a bit this time- though...the horse was all bucky and go go!


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