Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Near 50 Today...60 Tomorrow!

What the heck is going on?  Out at Oak Creek Ranch in California, it was 18 degrees this morning.
Topsy Turvy.
So muddy we threw out some old hay to give the horses a place to get out of it.
 A very frustrating chorus rehearsal was followed by a performance at the Senior Center (which was better than I expected it to be).

 Went out to check on the ponies this afternoon and they were all nibbling on grass.  Almost all of the snow has melted.

 (Seymour and Sidney)

Took off Moon's blanket and traded it for a sheet during evening chores.
 Somehow I would love to get her to behave when she is with the other horses in the pasture.  Do not want anymore kicking matches.

 This is how muddy it was.  Lucky the girls have nice dry stalls.
 Leftover pizza and a salad for dinner.
 Scrambled one egg for Gucci and Phoebe to split.  They always get something extra with dinner.
Spoiled girls.
Night all.


  1. Well that happens :) hope u have a good night

    Welcome to join my blog

  2. That's really muddy! This weather is just crazy. Warm here too and with muddy spots. Berlin is looking good.

  3. That looks very cold/wet/muddy/ and slushy, all at the same time. Good to have some spare older hay to mop up the mud!! Greetings to all, Jean.

  4. Yes...very odd weather indeed! I was running errands in shorts and flip flops! 4 inches of snow coming Friday. Haha poor Barbie is getting like two baths a day. I turn around and she's covered in mud again.

  5. Our weather is strange here as well. 70's today and freezing rain for Friday.

  6. Would Moon benefit from something like MareMagic? (pure raspberry leaves, has helped Dawn a lot with mareishness). There's another version called MareBerry from HorseTech.

  7. We were 18 last night here in the Willamette Valley of NW Oregon too!
    That's very cold for us...I'm enjoying it though. Frozen mud, clear, blue skies and sunshine!

  8. Your weather is crazy! Yesterday when I mentioned the snow we were having on Facebook, a friend reminded me that Rochester is the #1 snowy city.... not this year!

  9. Yes, it was really cold this morning. Ice was a mile thick on my car. Snow tomorrow night...


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