Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Little Sidebar...

 Took the blankets off the girls this morning.  Berlin looked fine....
 for about an hour....then some damn hives showed up!!!!  Was it the warmup?  The pasture?  I did not give her anything as I wanted to see if it changed during the day.  We ended up a little over 60 degrees.

 Karen was given a few bales of straw that were leftovers from Halloween and we spread them over the front paddock.  Hopefully it will provide plenty of texture so there will no slipping on the ice that is on the way.

Seymour was taking one serious nap when I got back in the house.

 Did a few things around the house and at 11:15 Judy and Sally picked me up so we could drive out to Batavia for lunch.
My favorite rib place.

 They got the pot roast and salad lunch....
 you know what I got.

Met Alicia and Helen at Wegmans at 3, to buy the supplies for our Moroccan dinner.  On the way home it looked like rain and the temperature was dropping.

All five girls were filthy from rolling in the mud.  Karen stopped by after work to groom her horses and helped me with chores.
 Berlin looked about the same as she did this morning.  Still did not give her anything.

 Gary spent the afternoon with Finn and Cooper after decorating the Alumni House (First Friday tomorrow), going to the eye doctor and helping Randy finish working on his shed.  I had time to make a decent dinner.
 Sophie is no fool, she is most happy to relax in the dog's beds, and loves coming in the house.
Night all.


  1. That dinner looks tasty :) Have a nice sleep

    Welcome to join my blog

  2. Pity the mud is there just for the asking," Roll in me", and any cat that knows what is best will find the best bed in the house. Greetings from Jean

  3. Love the picture of Seymour! Hope Berlins hives clear up by tomorrow.

  4. Those doggone hives are back?! Aaarrrghhh!!

  5. Seems like you had a nice, quiet day! I hope your weather holds.

  6. Oh poor Berlin that is so frustrating for both of you I am sure. A mystery for sure. Hug B

  7. Wonder if it could be something weird like allergic to the hay. I am allergic to all wheats and grass. I get hives from different grass fertilizers too

  8. I sure hope you don't get any ice. I'll be racing into the snow tomorrow as I head back west across the state.


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