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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got a little sleep last night and dragged myself out to the barn this morning.  Barb was there...Gary even came out to help with stalls.  All done by 8:30 and did not have the energy to take many photos.  Just wanted to go back to bed.

The high temperature for today was around 30, expected to drop and start getting much colder.

Until mid morning, I existed on ice chips and gingerale.  Then my pal Madonna suggested trying a banana and that sounded pretty good.  After that, my body told me to have a fried egg sandwich....that worked too.

Yesterday I changed my class over to Thursday, and today I passed on Chorus.  By tomorrow I should be closer to normal.

My pals kept me company last night and all day today.

I had to change the dog bed under my computer table as one of my sweet critters found a hole and pulled out the stuffing from the other one.  This one is not big enough for four.

Got my SONY Cyber shot back today and was so happy to take it out to the barn for was still light...what the heck.  It didn't work!  Kept saying no internal memory.  So I called the tech squad and ended up feeling senile!  I put in the battery and forgot about the card.  Duh!  Finally figured it out and I am ready to go.

Will try to make this very interesting tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. Hope you do get to feeling better.

  2. I'm glad that you are at least stirring today, Lori. I hope that you continue to improve. With your feline and canine comforters, that should be easier.

    I was on Lisa's blog yesterday, so she must have just shut it down. What a pity, I always enjoyed it, both her wonderful pictures and her way of telling a story, and will miss hearing what happens with her.

  3. Hope the fried egg sandwich helped you turn the corner. Tomorrow should be better! Gain back some strength, but take it easy...

  4. Looks like the dogs and kitties took good care of you.

  5. Hi Lori,hope you are feeling a bit better today,those pics are so cute! I also have a sony cybershot,don't worry we all have our senile moments,I forgot to take my camera's charger with me on a rare trip to a seriously stunning historical mining town and have very few pictures to prove it!

  6. It has got a hold on you by the sounds. The bed and dogs for company sounds a good idea when you are sick and it is so cold outside.

    You are in such sweet the kitty and doggy on the pillows!!!!

    TAKE CARE! ciao ciao elvira

  8. Glad you're starting to feel a bit better!

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon. It is nice to have your fuzzy friends around you when you feel bad.

  10. My critters could use some new beds, too. I need to make a trip to the laundromat as the angel peed on them and they won't fit in my washer. :( Sorry, you were under the weather. I've been so busy.. just catching up now.


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