Thursday, January 6, 2011

HO HUM....

How sweet it was, to have another beautiful morning.

The temperature started out in the low teens, but there was no wind....

Sidney went for his morning climb in the big English Walnut tree out in the back yard.

Chores went quickly and the ponies had their hay in the front paddock.  Abbe was snooping around the plastic bag that holds my camera (looking for a treat I presume).

L'orange did not appear until I was almost ready to go in.

I picked him up and carried him to the basement to see if he would stick around.  As soon as I opened the door he came back out.  Sid and Seymour were with him.

Back in the house, Phoebe and Gucci were on alert.  They thought they heard something.

Gar and I left at 11:30 and went over to Christina's World.  We were going to have a tour of Roger's screening room before going out to lunch.

WOW!  Better than any movie theater I have been in.

They have a finished basement, and he turned part of it into an amazing space.  The screen is 8 feet wide and 4 1/2 high.  He showed us a bit of a Ken Burns Blue Ray video.  What clarity!  There were 7 speakers giving the full effect of surround sound and I was dazzled.

Roger has quite a film library.   Now....for a good movie and a bowl of popcorn.

DJ was down there with us.

The sun was pouring in the south window of their kitchen....

...the plants were loving it.

Tina has started collecting bird carvings from Al Cretney....

Such a master...

After the demo, we left for Hamlin Station to have lunch.

It opened just a few weeks ago so we thought we would give it a shot.
It used to be a train station on the Hojack line.  The owners have redone everything inside and out.
At first there were just four of us....

Then Carol and Topper arrived.  You know the drill.....

We had a lot of laughs discussing everything from our favorite movies to restaurants.
If I were writing a review for the paper, this restaurant would get a lukewarm recommendation.
Items on the menu were scratched off (making a new one)...there was no waitress (it was 12:30 and they open for lunch at 11:30) so the bartender waited on us....the room was cold...the food was good, not great and was presented "so so."  I'm sure they invested a lot of money in the remodeling, but need to learn more about the restaurant end of it.  They deserve a chance, but I was disappointed.

Did not do much when we got home...chores at 5...helped Barb unload a truckload of sawdust and back in the house by 6:30.  Gar got in his comfy chair and watched the news.

I made some scrambled eggs for the dogs....

Sid and Seymour were sitting by the fire....

and I'm not making dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is another day....
Night all.


  1. A great day in Skoogville. What a great screening room. I love it. Beautiful collie or sheltie? I bet the doggie were thrilled with the scrambled egg dinner-what a good mommy you are. Enjoy your evening and the fire :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how warm it can feel when there's no wind? Don't be jealous of our 50; we're back in the deep freeze Monday with a high of 15. Ugh. Sorry the restaurant wasn't so hot - it looks nice, especially in the bar photo.

  3. What a nice day from start to finish!! I'd have a hard time trying to decide which part was my favorite--I'm glad it was so enjoyable!!

    PS: the carvings are just exquisite!

  4. That's some screening room. I think I could practically live in a place like that. DJ is beautiful, a real eye catcher.

  5. I sure like tagging along w/you. All the dogs are esp. cute today, mm?

  6. What a beautiful morning you had and the day looked like a nice day as well. I love to see all your animals.

  7. Love that screening room. What a nice place to relax and watch movies.

  8. The photo of the cat in the tree looks, at first glance, as if the tree is winking at us.

  9. The photo of the cat in the tree looks, at first glance, as if the tree is winking at us.

  10. The photo in your banner is stunning! I'm such a sucker for skeletal trees against a dramatic sky background. It's somehow spiritual to me.

    We had a similar theatre setup in the old house. It was very nice and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it, but I'm okay with my little HD screen and sound bar. There's not much time to watch TV anyway.

  11. LOving all the photos but the one of Gar in his comfy chair - it speaks to me somehow, it's very artsy too...


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