Wednesday, December 25, 2019


Gary and I were pretty pooped by the time we gave up reorganizing the 
house after our Christmas Eve gathering.  Today, it was all about taking it easy.

Berlin ate all of her mash from last night but was not that interested this 
morning.  I put her out with her pals and she spent most of the day nibbling
on grass in the pasture.

 After a crispy start to the day, it was around 41 by this afternoon.

 On days like this, we really like to hangout (nap) by the fire.
Late afternoon I went out to check on Berlin who was out in the back pasture.
She was watching the activity in the back 40 and seemed to be doing well.
By 4pm the sky was spectacular.

 I decided to take Berlin out in the yard for some grazing.  It took her
a little while to settle enough to eat.  I'll do that again tomorrow.

 These three were having a conference!

 I switched chores with Karen today and went out to tuck 
the ponies in around 5.  Berlin was just thrilled to have another mash......Ha!
 By the time I went back to the house, the sky was pretty dramatic.
 I hope all of my blogging pals are enjoying the Holidays.
Happy New Year is just around the corner!

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

We hosted Christmas Eve too and we were pooped today. Just some minor clean up but mostly resting and napping. It's a lot of work but worth it. Hope Berlin feels herself soon.