Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Revelation

Grey and above freezing all day.

 We had a She Sings rehearsal today at Tom and Nancy's.
Yikes!  I forgot to take my camera and it was such a great learning
process for me.  We are still acoustic and started by singing two of
our standards from other performances.  That's when the lights went on
for me...the volume of our voices was soft, smooth and very even.  We were all in
the same range and the harmonies sounded better than ever.  As far as I am 
concerned, you should not need to strain to get out the lyrics.  That's why it's
so good to sing into a mic and we will be doing that soon.  A sound check is 
critical, making sure the volume of your voices and instruments is balanced.
Before going to the rehearsal, Gary and I started setting up the dining room.
Here are a few before shots.

And the after.....
It took us forever to hang all the art work and photos.
 We pooped out before finishing the part above the plate rail.

 Tomorrow we will tackle that.
I had shredded wheat for breakfast and no lunch.
The Red Rooster had a wing special tonight, so we went for it.
Delicious, full and tired.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Wow! I am catching up again. LOL. That was a lot of work!