Sunday, December 15, 2019


The weather was a little better than it was yesterday.

 I decided to go to the Buskers Jam today as I have been pretty lazy lately.
 No good recordings to share as the sound was not right.
 Gary has decided to do a little watercolor painting so we went out to the
Studio to find some supplies.  This is what it looks like in the winter
when so many things are stored there.

 I had chore duty tonight.

Can't imagine how boring winter is for these ponies.
They did have some grass to nibble on.
The joke is....it's not even winter yet and we have had an extra month of snow
and crappy weather.

 We had a nice dinner tonight, along with a cozy fire.
Roasted chicken
 a delicious salad with leaf lettuce, apples, craisins,
candied walnuts and crumbly blu....
 along with... mashed potatoes.  Yum!
I need some serious sunshine.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Sending sunshine your way. Love the studio store room, I need one of those here.