Friday, December 13, 2019

Lunch and Bridge

 A little melting....
 and some good light.

 Arrived at Lorna's around noon....her house was full of decorations
 and the table setting was beautiful.
 She has an angel collection....here are just a few.
 We had Italian wedding soup,
 crusty bread, olives, cheese
 and apple crisp for dessert.
 Hanny and I were partners and she played all of the hands when we won the bid.
Boy!  Did we have the cards today.
I really enjoy getting together with Lorna, Booby and Hanny each month.
For me, it's like a vacation day.
 It was dark when I got home and not interested in making dinner.
We faked it.
Night all.

This was National Day of the Horse
and here she is......

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