Monday, December 16, 2019

Cooper's Concert

 The weather was not so bad today.  We even saw a little sunshine
and the roads were bare.

 I had an appointment with the massage therapist at 1:30 
and ran a couple errands on the way home.
 I made another yummy salad
 and chicken soup for dinner.

Cooper is in the High School Concert Band (he's in the 9th grade).
What a surprise!  When we arrived this evening, all the boys were dressed
in tuxes!  They looked so good!
Here are a few photos Jen took after the concert.

 I give Coop a lot of credit for sticking with the band this year 
while playing baseball, football and basketball.
His plate is very full.

Here are a few clips.
(Percussion Ensemble)
(String Orchestra)
(Concert Band)

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Magnificent, the tux, their hair,smiles and then the orchestra. Loved the last medley, superb.Y ou can be so proud. Thinking back to about 1953!!! Yes, I was in our High School orchestra, I played the violin.But nothing as amazing as this. Congrats to them all.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Cooper and the boys look very handsome in their tux's! I don't know how they do it all with sports and bands/chorus and school work but they manage.

We've got freezing rain and expecting more snow. I wouldn't mind seeing a little sunshine for a change!