Monday, December 30, 2019

My Last Town Board Meeting....

It rained all night long.
What a muddy mess.
At 7:30am it was so dark my camera flashed.

 As soon as the horses were turned out, Maggie had to do her roll in the water thing.

 After chores I ran down to the bank and Wegmans.
Got back to the farm just in time to catch a shower before going 
out to lunch with my friend Barb P.  Many years ago she boarded
King Mustafa here.  First we drove to Holley, but the restaurant was closed
and we ended up at Barber's.  We have been doing this for several years
between Christmas and New Years.  Always good to catch up.
Unfortunately, she has now lost both of her horses and I don't
think she will be getting anymore.

There was a short time when the sun came out today

 and it was brilliant.

 Too bad it did not last very long.

 Last night Berlin ate all of her grain, some hay, drank most of her water
and left some manure in the stall.  This is how she looked....most of the 
time she seems normal.  I just feel like something is bugging her once in awhile.

 At 6pm I went to my last board meeting and
I'm really going to miss some of the Town employees.
However!  Mary and I are going to be just fine and life will go on.
I picked up some veggie flatbread sandwiches on the way home and we winged dinner.
So nice to have a fire going.
 On New Years Eve I will be jamming with some of my music buds 
for a couple of hours at a party Gary and I are going to.
That should be fun.
For now....
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

So you have figured out what to do to keep yourself busy now that you are not on the town board...LOL...I think you are always terribly busy!
We had 50 degrees over the weekend and rain up to 2". What a muddy mess it made of things and our driveway! The mules covered themselves in thick mud before the temps dropped and the snow flew!