Monday, December 9, 2019

Melting a la Rain....

 Not a pretty morning.

 I had a Sweden Senior Association meeting at one.
So much good is done by people in this organization..
Recently our Dress a Girl group sent a suitcase full of clothes and toys to Jamaica
and this photo and thank you note were sent back to us.
Do you know what Dress a Girl is?

 Our quilters made and donated over 220 quilts to hospitals, the homeless and more in 2019.
A few days ago they had a tree decorating party....

 and today they were holding a Euchre Tournament.

Our bookcases are loaded and you can drop off or take out whatever you want.
 There are also many others participating in pickle ball, line dancing, the Sweden Senior Singers
and more.  A very active group.

Tonight we tried out the Korv meatballs, served with sweet potatoes, rice pudding 
and cranberry orange relish.  So good.
 I am soooooo sleepy.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

So every time I read about your good food, I want to reach through this screen and grab some!
I certainly hope you avoid some of the bitter cold we had that moved in.