Friday, December 27, 2019

Mild Today....

 The Berlin saga continues.
She ate all of her grain last night and over half of her hay.
There was even some manure in her stall.
It rained last night and was very dreary much of the day.

 Of course we have mud.

 Around 2pm I went out in the pasture to get Berlin and once again
it took me at east 10 minutes to catch her.

 We went out in the yard and the south side of the indoor where there is a lot of grass.

 I also gave her a cup and a half of Senior feed with a sliced apple.
She liked that....but this morning she did not finish her breakfast.
 She's liking the good grass but is not that hot to be separated from her pals.
 I was a bum most of the day.  Have been sticking close to home.
Woke up early again and could hardly keep my eyes open this afternoon.
One thing I did manage to do....was make dinner.
Chicken Helene....
 a green salad 
 and pilaf.

The Christmas leftovers are all gone (except for some cookies).
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Our very elderly mule Fred is like that. He will eat with the others for a bit then wander off and stand by himself. I have figured out how to keep the small herd separated enough so that Fred can go off and eat a pile of hay far away from the others.

I'm catching up slowly to your blog!