Friday, December 6, 2019

Candlelight Christmas

More snow and around 32 all day long.

 After chores a got cleaned up and drove to Brockport 
so I could do a photo shoot at Candlelight Christmas.
 It's been held at the Morgan Manning House for as long as I remember.

 It's a perfect opportunity to do some serious Christmas shopping
where every item is hand made.
Here are a few examples.

 These paintings were my favorites.

On my way home I ran a couple of errands and by then we had even more snow.
The roads were very greasy and it was easy to slide when you put on your brakes.
 Another blossom showed up, with several buds getting ready to pop.
 We had a pretty lazy afternoon.

 I decided to make a rustic tart for a change.
Since I did not use a recipe, I cut up too many apples and
had to make a Dutch Apple Pie instead.

 Waiting for it to cool so we can try it.
Gary brought home two beautiful poinsettia plants from Sara's
and they are filling the kitchen and dining room with color.

 It was every man for himself for dinner.
We had homemade Genoa salami, tomato, spinach, cheese, and roasted red pepper mini subs.
And leftover coleslaw.  A weird combo, but delicious.
 Now it's time for some PJs and the fire.
Night all.

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