Sunday, December 8, 2019

Making Korv....A Swedish Tradition

 Morning chores as usual.

 When I got back in the house we started getting things ready to make Korv.
What the heck is Korv?  A Swedish sausage that Gary and his friend Randy have been
making for years.  The minor detail....they skipped a few and are now back in business.
Randy and Roz arrived at 11:15 followed by Jen, Finn and Coop.
Grampa wanted them to participate in this tradition.We knew we were having a late lunch,
so Randy brought some pastries to go along with tea and coffee.

 Before everyone arrived, Gary boiled potatoes (6 small ones per batch, and we were
making three) and minced 6 cups of onions.

 Randy brought a pot of cooked barley, 9 pounds of a beef/pork mixture, white pepper,
allspice, salt, casings and a piece of equipment (made by his father many decades ago)
that makes the process work.

 The ingredients were divided in half and mixed in a big stainless steel pan.

 Gary worked it until
 there was consistency.
 Then, they were ready to roll.

This was the first!
 Of course Gary could not wait to get the boys and Jenny involved.
They were all such good sports.  You can just imagine how excited Finn and Coop were.

 After an hour, it was time to mix the second batch and 
 Grampa thought Finn would be thrilled to participate in getting all the ingredients together.
Not too excited to put his hands in this combo.

In no time, the second batch was finished.
 We ran out of casings, so Roz made beautiful meatballs out of the leftovers and we let them bake while we were eating lunch.

All were ready for some chow.

 The meatballs were finished by the time we were through eating....
 and then it was time to pack all the Korv.
First we wind two links on wax paper, then cover it with tin foil
and pack them in gallon sized freezer bags.
We will be serving much of our share on Christmas Eve, but for now
it will be frozen.
 After Jenny and the boys left, we played Sequence.
Last time Roz and I won....this time we got skunked.
 The temperature hit 40 today and some melting occurred.
It was not too bad when I went out for evening chores.

Now, it's time to rest.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The Korv looks delicious. My mother-in-law was part Swedish but I don't recall her ever making that. My mother used to make Keilbasa which was a Lithuanian sausage for my step father. She had a metal contraption/grinder that attached to the counter and fed the sausage through to the casings. My Italian grandfather made Italian sausages so I've tasted lots of different kinds over the years.
I love all sausages no matter what origin!

Val Ewing said...

Ahhh, I learned something new! Here it is lefse and lutefisk, which are Norwegian traditions. I love the making of Korv and passing on a tradition. My family had no such tradition. Well, unless it is the tradition of making maple syrup!