Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve Started With A Visit From The Vet...

Berlin was still not acting normal this morning so I called the Vet.
What a way to start Christmas.

 She was sedated, had a rectal exam, was tubed and given electrolights.
Naturally, as soon as I put her in the grooming room she passed some manure
and did it again while the Vet was here.  I put her in a pasture with Rebel
so they could eat grass and have no access to hay.
 In the afternoon I made up some bran
 and beet pulp.
 Tried getting her to eat some while she was in the pasture
and she wanted no part of it.

 In the meantime, we still had a LOT to do in the house for Christmas Eve
and we finished just in the nic of time.
 It was really fun to prepare this platter of appetizers.

 When Karen was ready to feed I brought out more mash for Berlin.
this time she started eating it.  Nice and warm.
She was also allowed to have a big handful of soft hay.
 Rebel was a disaster.

 At 6 people started arriving.

 Gary's Korv turned out great and it was delicious.

 It was a lively gabfest, loaded with great food and conversation.
Around 9:15 I went out to check on Berlin.  She still had a little mash
left and I gave her another big handful of hay.
I sure hope she starts feeling better.  She seemed pretty good.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder ventured out with me.
To them, having 30 people in the house is far from their regular routine.

 When I got back in, we did our usual present exchange.

 And then we had fun with a photo shoot.

 Once again...you can tell how withdrawn our family is.

Here's Gary's 2020 Christmas card.
Wishing you all very happy holidays!


Nancy J said...

I had so hoped Berlin was out of the woods!!! Wonderful family photos, and tomorrow let all our equine and grandies be so well. Our grand-daughter is home, all tests inconclusive. Wait and watch. So maybe Berlin will be back to normal again in the morning, hoping with all my heart.XXX

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Berlin is doing well today (Christmas). Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.