Saturday, January 6, 2018

Will it Warm Up Tomorrow?

Still looking like the Tundra around here.
This morning we let the horses out for about 1 hour while we cleaned the stalls
and set them up again.  They all came in with frozen whiskers and were happy to be 
out of the wind.

 The barn temperature had dropped to about 15.

 The snow blower would not start so we shoveled the entire driveway.

 I had not driven my car in a couple of days, so I cleaned it off,
made sure it would start, and drove down to Wegmans.
 The road was icy in spots
 and there were white outs.
 Little Wonder and Phoebe have to be very bored...
 but it sure beats the heck out of being frozen!
Little Wonder was not happy about having to stay in the house
when I went out to the barn.  Gary had to pick him up and put him back inside.

 Sidney goes for the warm spots.

 The horses went out again for a stretch at 3:30
 while we set them up for the night.

 One hour was long enough.

Leftovers for dinner.
No pictures.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

My two dogs are bored too. It's like having two toddlers to amuse. They play with each other for a while then come to me with their toys. Oh well, I'm bored too! Might warm up Monday.

Michelle said...

Very cold here in KY, but no snow. Might be worth it if we had snow.

Val Ewing said...

That cold was bitter and incredible. We don't have the snow either.