Monday, January 8, 2018

No Complaints Here....

34 degrees by 7:30am.
What an improvement.
-25 to 34= a 59 degree difference!
I'll take it!
 It was not snowing when I turned the girls out...

 but it started within minutes.

 Phoebe went in early, but Little Wonder stuck it out with me.
 At 10, I went down to Agape and Gary joined me.
The first time he has been there since last March.

 He put in a lot of time on the bikes and then worked on the upper body machines.
 He liked it so much he said he is going tomorrow.
 All of our critters were loving the improvements outside.

 I finished another book today and am looking for a new one.
Dinner?  Donna Ray's Tuscan soup with a nice salad and Carina's Artisan bread.
It's time to get out by the fire.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We got up to 26 today and no snow all day until 3. So it's better than it was and going to get better by the end of the week. Good for you and Gary going to Agape. I've got to start something like that here too!

Nora said...

I loved seeing the horses and the snow. It is hard to get photos in the snow! Sorry if this comment comes twice as I have slow internet today.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love your new header. You could have sent some of that snow my way!