Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
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Friday, January 5, 2018

Handling the Cold...

It was about -25 with the windchill this morning and Gary had to drive Daniela to Buffalo for a 
9:50 flight to Las Vegas.  We were all up by 6:15 and the flight was going to depart on time.
Of course there was gusting on the way, but they made it.
I got ready to go out to the barn with many layers, heated beet pulp, carrots and several gallons of hot water.  They have been warning us about frostbite so I had my face covered.
The girls were double blanketed last night and had plenty of extra hay.  
First, I let the dogs out for about 60 seconds,

fed them, fed the cats and loaded up my little blue sled.  As soon as I got to the barn I reclosed the front door and it was almost bearable.  The temperature was 18 degrees.  I fed the girls, broke the ice out of their buckets, picked the stalls, and reset them with warm water and hay.  They could not understand why the routine was different and wanted to go out.  So, I caved and let them out for a total of 5 minutes. 

 They actually figured out that it was a better idea to go back in their stalls.  I bribed them with cookies.
Cooper spent the night with us and Jenny picked him up around 11.  Fortunately they were in Scott's big truck so the weather was no problem.

Around 2 I went out to the barn with more hot water and added hay where it was needed.
 Lots of blowing....

 After that, I took a nap, finished my book and made chicken and rice soup with lemon.
 Dinner was that and some leftovers.
Now I am off duty and we have a fire going.
36 hours until there is a change in the temperature.
Night all.


  1. Too cold for me to imagine, Do you ever ski on your own paddocks? I am sure the horses were savvy enough to go back inside. Stay safe and warm.

  2. I'll bet Daniela is happy to be home and warmer! This weather is ridiculous. Our herd have been going out for a little while until the stalls are done and then coming in early to mini-hot mashes. I hope it breaks soon but it looks like it will be even colder for the next two days. This is getting old.

  3. I think all of us on eastern-standard-time are cold! Next week should be better for us, and our critters too. Take care, and I know I don't have to tell you to bundle up!

  4. My sympathies. We have just had minus 41º weather with the windchill. Now it is relatively balmy and everything is melting. What a mess as it melts then freezes all over again. I'll send some warmer weather your way! Ann

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  5. Ann, we are hoping for a warm up on Sunday...but for now, more snow and frigid temperatures. Sounds like you will be having ice skating rinks all over the place.


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