Wednesday, January 3, 2018

24 Degrees...We're Havin' a Heat Wave

 A nice sunrise this morning,
 and fortunately it was pretty bright all day long.

 Both Little Wonder and
 Phoebe joined me for chores this morning.
 Was this the calm before the storm?

 Some nasty weather is going up the East Coast and almost every single state
was under freezing (32 degrees) today. 
 Snow in Florida!
 After chores, Daniela and I went down to Agape.
I did my usual 20/20/10 and she put in a few miles on the treadmill and bike.
 We stopped at Wegmans on the way home and after lunch she went to a movie with Jenny.
Gary, the pups and I cooled it.

 The sunset was quite like the sunrise.

 Finn had a basketball game at 4:30 and we all met at the Stoneyard for dinner around 7.

 It was nice to be there together, but the place left a lot to be desired.
Their grand opening is on Saturday and they have a lot of work to do before then!
 Meanwhile back at the ranch....
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice to be together! We were warmer yesterday too. Today...not so much. We’re gett blasted with blizzard conditions and everything is closed here because of it.