Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lazy Day...

I woke up to another blossom.
 These photos were taken at first light.

 I let the dogs out, fed them, fed the cats and headed out to the barn.
 The sunrise was beautiful but it disappeared within minutes.
 Little Wonder and
 Phoebe joined me, but she did not last very long.

 The wind was nasty.

 My assistant waited patiently while I finished cleaning the stalls
 and then we headed back to the house.

 Now the light was better and I took more photos.
 This variety of hibiscus is like no other I have ever had.  The colors are just stunning.

 I messed around too long and did not get down to Agape at my usual time....
thinking that I would go down this afternoon with Gary.
That never happened.  With me, it's morning or nothing.
Now I have to go tomorrow in order to get in my three days this week. 
Today I really vegged by the fire.

Managed to make corn chowder.

Gary had a dinner meeting and tasted a cup before he left.
I had a bowl for dinner
 with a side salad.  Flavorific!

The fire is calling me.
 Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Beautiful hibiscus beyond anything man could ever make or imagine. A huge heap of snow, no wonder the doggies ran back inside.