Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Vikings....Skol!

Mild and still melting....low 40s today.

 Waiting for breakfast....
 where's Phoebe?
 During the winter, I prepare beet pulp on the stove for the horses.  Karen also does it when she has chore duty, so they can have their grain warmed up.  Yes, they are spoiled.  I also cut up two big carrots that the four girls share.
 The sky was still beautiful when I got out to the barn.
I love it when the light spills into the barn.
The girls were able to find grass and there will be a lot more tomorrow as it is supposed to rain.

 White on white....

 Another Sunday Jam.
 Time flew today.

My favorite song of the day was sung by Lori S.  What a voice!

 Stopped at Weggies on the way home and took it easy
 until 5:45 when we headed to Jenny's for dinner.
And what a dinner it was.
She and Scott work very well in the kitchen.
He made potato pancakes...
 she made pork tenderloin,
 mushroom gravy
 and a salad with pears.
 Everything was delicious.
 We started watching the Vikings/Eagles game there and got home for the 2nd half.
At this point....the Vikings have a big job ahead of them.
 I can't resist taking photos of the flowers on our kitchen table.

 How will this game end?
Night all.

Last night, our planet lost a very major artist who lived nearby.
We have known Wendell Castle since the 60s when he was being 
recognized around the world for his sculptural furniture designs.
A huge body of his work was just shown at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester
and thousands were in awe of his accomplishments.  Not that long ago
I took you on a tour of his studio in Scottsville, New York.
He is going to be missed by all who knew him.
We are grateful to have two of his pieces that we purchased decades
ago.  His "cloud table" is right behind my desk and it will be a 
reminder every single day that I sit here.
Peace to Wendell and his family.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear you lost a your friend. We give the gang carrots and beet pulp too. They are spoiled but they deserve it. Love potato pancakes!

Nancy J said...

A lot of white there!!! Beautiful flowers, and to lose a fine man, a great loss for you and all who knew him.

lilysgrannie said...

Loved listening to Lori S. singing Across the Great Divide. When you played it on an earlier blog I introduced it to my ukulele group! Thanks so much.

Lori Skoog said...

lilysgrannie....I love Across the Great Divide. There are many more songs I could recommend for your group. Have you seen any of my video posts of the Rochester Ukulele Orchestra? Google them and listen. Spectacular. Are you on FB?

Val Ewing said...

Sorry about losing y*our friend. I was worried when I saw *Where's Phoebe?* Good to see her too.
I hope you don't get the rain and then more snow and cold temperatures!