Friday, January 12, 2018

The Turning Point Arrived at 11:30am.

(I arrived at Wegmans around 11:30 and the temperature went from 57 to 42 in about 20 minutes.
It went downhill from there...)

By chore time this morning, 99% of the snow was gone.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder were happy to hang out with me as it was over 50 degrees.
We broke the record of 58 degrees and made it to 60.

 Once again we could have kayaked around the lake in the big pasture.
By tomorrow we can ice skate.

 Of course the girls were just happy to taste grass.  The water
did not bother them one bit.

 I got back from the store at 12:15 and immediately headed out to the barn so I
could put the girls in their stalls.  It was raining, cold and they were getting wet.

 Karen was putting their heavy blankets on when she did evening chores as
the temperature were plunging.

 As the weather reports were getting pretty serious we moved our monthly dinner with 
Al, Brenda, Ann and Ron up to 4pm instead of 6.

 I decided to make sesame chicken with stir fried veggies and rice.
 yellow and orange peppers
 a little cabbage

 and snow peas.

 I made the rice first, then started the veggies (added bean sprouts at the end) 
and finished with the chicken.  Garnished with green onions.
Turned out beautifully.
 Ann made the perfect Asian salad.
Bok Choy.
I added my usual bananas.

 Brenda made a chocolate cream pie and we topped it with the leftover bananas and walnuts.
As the weather was getting worse, they left by pm.
Fortunately they made it home in one piece...slow going.
 Now, a fire and relaxing for the duration..

Night all.

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Tomato Thymes said...

I always check your blog every evening before turning off my Apple devices- iPad etc. I am amazed at how the horses handle the cold. The wind is blowing like crazy in SW Ohio and we have had rain, sleet, ice and now snow today.