Sunday, January 7, 2018

Turning the Corner...

Another frigid morning, but no wind and the temperature was on it's way to 20 degrees.
 I think the girls were happy to spend the day outside.

 This past week I shredded a lot of paper for the stalls.
Have you ever tried that?  It really fluffs things up and is very easy to pick.
 The price is right.

 The sun came on like gangbusters for part of the day.

 Once again we shoveled the driveway.
Even tho the Buffalo Bills were in a playoff game, I elected to go to my regular Sunday Jam.
 There were only 8 of us, but we had a great time.
We heard a new voice today!

 Some nameless singers did this song....the camera was going on it's own.

 Back home in time to watch the 4th quarter of the Bill's game.
Bad news.  At least they got that far.
Phoebe, Little Wonder and Gary joined me for chore duty tonight.

 Got the girls tucked in with extra hay and warm water.
Hopefully things will get back to normal (if there is such a thing) tomorrow.

 The water trough has a four inch shell of ice in it as the horses were in for two of the 
coldest days we've had and the heater was not on.
Should be interesting to see if we can get it to disappear.

 I'm all for going in by the fire.
Night all.
Late dinner.
 A cup of chicken/rice/lemon soup and a nice big salad.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It is supposed to warm up tomorrow to 30 but then there will be more snow. 13 today. Can't wait till this snap is over!

I'm sure the girls liked getting out for a while. LW and Phoebe always look so cute. Enjoy your fire!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I just saw the weather forecast for us - 60 by Wednesday?? - Crazy. But I wonder if I'll make it, I'm having a hard time with the cold for some reason.

But you've had another busy and good day. I think I need to follow your example, and just keep moving, be productive and stop complaining! :-) Thanks Lori!