Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Back in the Teens...

I'm glad we spread old hay in the front paddock so there would be textured footing for the girls.
 We could easily ice skate in the back pasture.  
Quite a change from yesterday.

So tired of the strong wind.

 Gary went to Yoga this morning and at 10:30 I arrived at Agape.
On the way home I bought a lot of groceries at Wegmans.
Could not get warm when I got back to the farm.
The afternoon was spent listening to a book.
It's very important that I stay awake...which is not too easy when a fire is going.

 Gary went to Finn's basketball game late afternoon and when he got home we
had an instant replay of last night's dinner.

 The flowers on the kitchen table are still gorgeous.

Time to put on some jams and settle in for the evening.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Ice and wind are never fun. Every time I start listening to an audio book I fall asleep! So I just have to read them. Beautiful flowers.