Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Souper Bowl

Well, we almost reached 50 degrees today and the rain held off until 5pm.
The sunrise was gorgeous again, but the red sky was very telling.

 After chores I grabbed a quick shower and headed down to the Rec Center
The Seniors organized this event.
Over a dozen local restaurants donated vats of soup and 130 tickets were sold,
giving all the opportunity to taste as many as they wanted. 
There were 50 volunteers and one of the jobs was picking up and delivering the soup.

 Andrea Perry (left) organized everything and should be very proud of the way it all
turned out.
 In addition to the tasting, many Senior activities were represented...
Brockport Dresses for Girls Around the World,
 a basket raffle by the Elderberry Club,
 items for sale by the quilters,
a huge bake sale,
 and photos with recordings from the Sweden Senior Singers.
 Much of the Rec Center was being used for seating and service.

 I served Tomato Tortellini Soup prepared by 58 Main.
It just happened to be my favorite.

 Everyone was given a bag containing a bottle of water, a roll, an apple, a spoon and napkins.
Most checked out all of the selections and decided how many they wanted to taste.
 Many of my pals were there.

 These three had a lot to talk about!

 I guess this message was for me....

 I got back to the farm around 1:30 and found yet another hibiscus blossom!

 The Creole Skoog variety was totally open.

 Chore duty at 5...it had just started to rain and was very grey.
The girls were ready to be tucked in.

 Last night, when I invited Judy
 to dinner, she asked if she could bring something and I said "no."
When she arrived at the farm, she had a bag with her and said I brought you dinner for tomorrow night!  She had had company for lunch and set us up with all kinds of goodies.
So here is what we had tonight.
 Delicious rolls which I topped with Russian Dressing
and cheese (which I melted in the broiler)...
 topped with roast beef and put back in the broiler for a minute...
 finished with chopped Romaine.
 Dining at it's finest!
 She also sent fruit salad,
 coleslaw and chips.  Also included a Coke for me and a beer for Gary!
 We had my leftover mac salad too.
 You would have loved it....
I did not take a photo of the chocolates we had for dessert!
Thanks Jude!  You are the best!
Night all.

You are a trooper if you got through this entire post.


Tomato Thymes said...

Great post as always. Lis

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hit 48 here today,rain coming tonight. What a nice event. The flowers are beautiful as always. Nothing like having a great dinner made by a good friend.

Marcy said...

I always read your whole post! Gotta find out what you had for dinner😝