Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Weatherman Was Right On.

We got slammed last night.  It started at 7 and the snow was coming
down like gangbusters from midnight on.
Naturally, our snowblower would not start and the 
snow in the driveway was at least 15 inches deep with high drifts.
 That called for a lot of shoveling.  I started a path at 6am and Gary finished taking it 
to the barn when he got up.  It had even drifted under the shed roof.

 Little Wonder
 and Phoebe
 very happy to have a place
 run around.
 They had a quick potty break when we got up, but had to wait until after 10
to be able to have a place to move that was not over their heads.
 The Bird of Paradise is slowly but surly popping.
 I can't tell you how many hours Gary shoveled today.
 He finally dug his car out and went down to the Village for his newspaper and gas.
While he was gone Jenny was kind enough to come up with her shovel to help us out.

 Her reward was a big bowl of homemade chicken/rice/lemon soup.
 I spent some time shredding paper for the stalls and did some reading/napping
this afternoon.  Gary could not keep his eyes open either.
 There was a little color in the sunset tonight, but most of the day was 
grey and frigid.  Lower teens and getting much colder tonight.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day out of the next 7.
I sure hope the sun comes out.
 Dinner was an instant replay of what we had last night
and it still tasted great.
Now it's time to get back out by the fire.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

looks like a mighty fall of that white stuff, you need a small tractor with a blade.. when does someone have a birthday? Anniversary? or anything that might make a purchase possible or down right necessary?

The Dancing Donkey said...

We had the same with heavy rain yesterday followed by a thick layer of ice before the snow. I need someone to remind me why I live in NY.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh no that’s a lot of snow and shoveling! I hope you can get someone to fix the snowblower to make it easier. Just got a dusting but it is cold.