Thursday, January 11, 2018

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

The weather...
52 Degrees this morning when I finished chores.
 At that time the driveway was like a skating rink.

 I took all the blankets off the girls and they finally had the opportunity to go naked.

 Abbe was loving the sunshine.

 I can't believe that I am finally getting a bird of paradise blossom.  Several years ago I wintered a gigantic plant for a friend and it was blooming like crazy.  When she took it back I was given the start of a new plant and voila!  One of my favorites.  Thank you Jill!
 By this afternoon much of the snow had melted and the pastures were full of water.

 I was in a domestic mood late morning and made chicken salad and a big pot of 
chicken/rice/lemon soup (again).  The house smelled divine!
After lunch I did some reading (napping) and at 5pm we left for Rochester.

 There was a fundraiser for State Assemblyman Harry Bronson 
(Jenny is his Chief of Staff)
at Nosh.

 There were so many people in the restaurant you could not move.
Nice to see Jaime Romeo, Joe Morelle, Mayor Johnson, Sandra Frankel,
and dozens of other local politicos who were there to support Harry.

 All this was going on while Nosh served dinners to a packed house.
Harry said a few words from the top of a circular stairway so we could see him.
I really appreciate his sense of community.

 There will all kinds of wood fired pizzas, meatballs
 and roasted veggies.
 By the time we were ready to leave...
 it was pouring outside and the temperature was 57 degrees.
We are headed for some serious weather 24 hours from now.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

It is looking seriously like a big freeze at your place right now. Hope if you have to drive on the roads, they have grit/sand/ or are cleared first.