Friday, July 2, 2010


What a morning. Cool, bright....crisp. Chores...blah, blah, blah (you know).

I dragged the outdoor arena and it's ready for some riding.

Gary's ladder is back there waiting for him to put on the final coat of paint. It can't be soon enough. This project has to come to an end so he can do something else.
The horses went straight out to the pasture, but were in sooner than later. Maybe it was buggy.

Got in the house in time to help Jean (friend and one of my students) start a blog. It is called Aliina's Art Journal. We got everything together in less than an hour. I would be very happy doing that kind of stuff all day.

Gary wanted to take some garlic out to Steve at the Carlton (where he left his hat the last time we were there), so I called Tina and Roger to see if they wanted to go too. They are always game.
Steve was happy to see us (and the garlic), and treated us to something I have never eaten before. Did you ever have a squash blossom stuffed with cheese and topped with sauce? It was delectable and I would HIGHLY recommend it. WHAT A VERY SPECIAL TREAT!
Of course we had the usual great lunches and it ended with homemade strawberry ice cream and two different sourbets... I just could not eat one more thing. For a place located in the boonies, it has one very classy menu. If he would just move to Brockport. Business has picked up out there in Carleton and Steve seemed very happy.
I can't tell you how many people we have sent out there from Brockport. If you get there once, guaranteed you will go back again. So if you are local and have not been there, give it a shot! It's a couple miles North from Route 104 on Route 98....(you turn at the Village Inn).

We were so close to Point Breeze, we decided to go out and see the new light house.
For those of you who don't live around here, this is located on Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes).
There is a Marina yards from the light house and it is jammed with beautiful boats of all kinds.
The swans and geese were just waiting...and I didn't have my good camera....

It almost looks like the ocean.

Got back home and crashed for a little while before chores.

I had just swept the mats in Berlin's stall so there was plenty of dust in the sun rays.

Here are the results of Gary's labors today. He has loaded up the wagon with what I consider to be the best garlic he has ever grown.

I have not heard what went on in Washington DC this afternoon. Jenny, Lara and the kids were going to have the opportunity to watch congress in session (thanks to a friend who works down there). Ariana better have taken a lot of photos!

That's it. A big "hey" to Frank in Florida. Got to go out and put the ponies in the barn.
Night all.


  1. We just got back from watching the sunset on the lighthouse how ironic. Our break from riding and bathing Winnie (Dad,Daughter time) and doing chores

  2. That food has me salivating.

    Nothing like fresh garlic to top off any dish, I love to cook with it.

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. What a beautiful day.
    The squash blosom sounds delicious.

  4. Don't you just love when you find a good restaurant with the small town feel? We're still looking here. What great weather...I'm so jealous! :) Gary's garlic looks awesome! Nice job.

  5. That garlic looks wonderful. Yesterday was a practically perfect day. Glad that you found the time to get out and enjoy it.

  6. mmmm, love to follow you on your daily doings...
    great to see the photos too!

    Some of our farmers around here are suffering from the prolonged and heavy rains in June.
    Your garlic looks wonderful!


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