Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was sweating from the moment I went outside. Anyone who says they love the heat (97 today) has to love being tortured. Because I can hardly keep my eyes open, things are out of order. Bear with me.

This is Pam... she came up for a little photoshoot as she needed a shot for her business cards.
I really enjoyed doing this and hope something will work out.
We shall see.

Coop and Finn arrived around noon, and at 1:30 we left for Tina's pool. Being in water on a day like this helps me to keep sane. On the way we went over to County Line Road to check out some very fine hay. BINGO! The horses liked it.
This was a cannon ball kind of day.

Below, Coop looks like spider man. He did a great job and almost swam on his own without the vest.
All three kids were very well behaved and have been invited back. Thank you Roger and Tina. We would have melted without you!

After I did the photoshoot around 10am, Sarah Bott, her children and nieces stopped up to check out the horses.
We groomed Abbe and Pony, and then gave them a good sponging.

I think they really enjoyed it. We had the fan on and the water kept us cool.

I love the picture above...Pony and Adam. Perfect.

Afterward we went into the house and they met Phoebe and Gucci. Of course both pups loved all the attention.
When they left, Ariana and I went out and sponged PC and Berlin. I clipped more hair off PC. He was soaked...these temperatures have got to go!
As expected, Berlin went straight out and rolled.

Earlier today I knuckled under and cleaned off the porch to Gary's barn. Every inch of the floor was covered (is that a man thing or what?).

Look what I found in the water dish by the hydrant in the barn. I put stones around it and ended up with one in the middle so he can sit there. Need another dish for the dogs now.
We were invited to Randy and Arlene's for dinner. Ariana and Jen's family went in to watch a Red Wings game, so we decided to go.

I sweated through evening chores and had to go in and take my second shower of the day.
Check out that temperature at 6pm!
Gucci and Phoebe went with us.

Arlene has some gorgeous flowers in her gardens.

And Randy built this shed...I wish it was at out house.
We had quite a feast. Burgers with Feta cheese, white hots, grilled corn and zuchini, potato salad, baked beans and watermelon.
After we played a couple of games of Sequence, we had Nutty Buddies. You know what they are, right? By the way, Arlene and I pounded Gary and Randy for a long overdo change.
The village was quiet when we drove through around 9:30.

It was nice taking the pups with us...they had the pleasure of air conditioning ... Randy and Arlene love them. Fortunately they are very settled when I take them somewhere. They slept under my chair during dinner.

My video for today is of the kids over in Christina's world. I'm sure their Moms will get a kick out of it. Night all.


  1. Hi Lori;) I can relate to the heat you're experiencing. We have daily temps of 110 plus and it IS torture. When we arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday, it is MID-winter and the temps are minus 6 or 7. No snow. But very cold. We are quite loooking forward to it! Ha. I love your photo of Pony and Adam. All your photos are lovely today. Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. This weather stinks! I'm beginning to long for January.

    That little frog is so cute. I hope he appreciates all the care he is getting.

  3. makes me sweat just thinking about 97 degrees. Take care and stay cool! Love the frog!

  4. It has been a nice day !
    The swimming pool pictures refreshed me. It's hot here too.
    See you soon


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