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Saturday, August 15, 2009



This competition is attended by thousands of people.

The entrance is nicely set up...

It is the 38th anniversary and it just keeps getting better. Entrants are from all over the US and Canada..

These are the people who greet everyone, sell tickets and programs.

A very classy setting, don't you think?

The reason we went to Walnut Hill today, was to watch Laurie Neubauer and Andrea Macdonald in the "Ladies Wicker Phaeton - Picnic Turnout" class.

Here they are with Torie, waiting to go in the ring.

This is Torie's brother, and some pretty stiff competition.

The class starts out with driving in the ring, then they go to a staging area where tables are waiting to be set up by the people in each vehicle. They bring along a picnic and are judged by the way it is must be appropriate for those participating.

The horses are unhitched and taken back to the stable by their grooms.

This sweet pup was in one of the carriages.

Several people check on each table to see who meets the criteria the best.

Andrea and Laurie had chicken, strawberry/greens salad, some fancy bread and a bottle of white wine.

The photo below demonstrates to what extent people go to with presentation.

Simply elegant!

There was quite a variety in the food department.

Very unique class. Laurie and Andrea placed 2nd. Torie's brother won.

Here are my partners in crime for the day. Ann, Sandy and Tina.

Tina and I were armed with cameras...I was loaned a fancy Cannon by the Kenney family, and was in heaven snapping away (306 photos).

When the class was over, we wandered over to the food tent an ironically we all ordered the same thing. A chicken Ceasar wrap. They were Deeeeelicious.

We passed by this very sweet boy who attracted a great deal of attention at one of the Boutique shoppes that sold all kinds of items made from alpaca.

The Walnut Hill Carriage Lane Boutiques consists of 17 shoppes with a vast variety of products ranging from leather goods to whips to art..... Paradise.

Here is a sampling of the competitors....

Above is not far from the staging area and borders the cross country course.

Hats are a big part of the Walnut Hill experience.

It was in the high 80's today, and as you can see the outfits worn by the women and men are longsleeved, sometimes wool and over the top goes a heavy apron. If you have never been to an event like this, it is not hard to realize how elegant it really is by viewing these photos. Bill Remley, who owns the property, goes to great trouble in preparing for the Walnut Hill competition. For 38 years he has provided an opportunity for people to compete at one of the most beautiful and challenging facilities in the United States.

I am out of gas and will tell you more about today's happenings tomorrow. Night All!


Mary Ellen said...

How unbelievably elegant and beautiful! I felt as if I was there. I especially enjoyed the hats - I think every lady should own a couple of lovely hats for outings in the summer heat!

Unknown said...

What a sooooper day out, Lori. Every thing looked incredibly well groomed. But why the one grey (nearside wheeler) in the coach team ? Looked very odd. Is it a tradition?
Regards, Mike.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an experience. Looks like something I'd really like to attend. Beautiful!

Gayle said...

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. So many beautiful horses. Curious as to why the one gentleman was standing in a tub of water?? Love the hats!

Anonymous said...

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