The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This will have to be a quickie as I can't keep my eyes open. Chores.

The lilies are hanging in there....

Gary started working on the Studio Barn today. While I mowed a pasture, he was putting in the new windows.

Did you ever make a bouquet out of dill? It is a beautiful filler.
The name of our new kitty comes from Jenny, Cooper and Finn. Introducing Seymour the Tiger!
Gucci loves to track him and Phoebe could care less.
Tree climbing comes so naturally.

I spoke to Pam K. today about getting another kitty to keep Seymour company. She suggested that I drop him off to meet the litter at her house. I did that and went for my monthly visit with the massage therapist. My body was a wreck after all the activity.

Pam offered to take Seymour for a week, until his new brother was old enough to leave his mom.
That way he would have company.

Here is his new brother, Sidney.
Late afternoon I took Seymour to the Animal Hospital to be tested for leukemia. It was negative!

There were many other critters visiting.

Home in time to do evening chores, before going out to dinner at Judy and Randy's.

By then, Gary had a second window installed.

I love this painting in Judy's dining room.
We ate out on the back deck. By the evening, the overcast sky was beautiful.
What a meal! We started off with mangos, sauted greek olives (and garlic), fresh mozarella cheese stuffed with ricotta cream and a sliced baguette.
For dinner we had bow ties with fresh corn, asparagus and a corn dressing.
beets and lentils...
Onion and garlic marmalade on a flat bread topped with blue cheese....
And homemade cherry pie a la mode. Hands down! Judy is the best cook I know. She and her husband are long time vegetarians and they eat like kings.

I have to go to bed now.
Night all!


  1. The babies are so always...that food looks amazing.

  2. Sorry to hear the kitties were abandoned, but it's great they found help. I'm sure your cats will be as spoiled as all the other animals in your care!

    I love the drawings your group are doing right now. Beautiful work!

  3. Awww, Seymour is perfect for a name. Sidney is a cutie pie, too. Love kittens, they are so bright and interested in everything. Put your really good stuff away for a couple of years, though.

  4. mmmm that food looks and sounds delicious!

    The kitties are very cute! That painting looks like something my daughter would do. I should photograph some of her work and post it.


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