Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Today the sunshine returned.

My favorite shot from yesterday.

After chores I started mowing the rest of the pastures.

Rehearsal today.  We are playing at the LeRoy Farm Market on Saturday and I have to be ready to leave by 8am.  Yuck!

It warmed up enough for Little Wonder to start panting....
inside and outside.
After everyone left, I finished mowing the pastures and the front paddock.  The old Toro does not do a very good job, but at least I got the grass knocked down.

I picked some lettuce and made a salad for dinner.
Gary picked another quart of strawberries before we ate.  I think I am strawberried.
The boys got tucked in at 8:30.

Night all.



Sandra said...

Rebel has a sweet face. Mark is going to ask Bill if I can borrow his mower. Bill is not on the ball lately about getting things fixed. Ah, well.

Val Ewing said...

That's a lot of mowing. I wish I could mow our fields but they are too rough and full of rocks and logs.

It looks really nice!