Sunday, June 16, 2024

Jenny's Birthday and Father's Day!

A celebration tonight.

A very nice, sunny, not too hot day.  Not looking forward to the next 4 in the 90s.

After chores I worked on the upstairs for a few minutes as we are having a guest overnight.

Gary picked me a huge bowl of strawberries so I could get them ready for shortcake.

I set the table....

and did a couple more things around the house.  Made some chicken salad for lunch and Gary put a window air conditioner in the kitchen.  Then I took a break with Little Wonder.

Scott put together some shish ke bobs.....I made lomain...
Jenny helped me make a salad....
Scott did a great job on the grill....
and earlier I made a fruit salad.

My photos at the dinner table were a bomb....just got a few.  This is our friend Ed, who is visiting family and friends for a couple weeks.  So nice to have some time to catch up.
The strawberry shortcake was delicious and once again Cooper made the biscuits.

I did chores at 8.

And by 9 everyone was gone.  Before leaving, we had some great discussions.
What a great way to celebrate Jenny and her Dad!
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Lots of Best Wishes Jenny, and to Gary, celebrate with those yummy strawberries.

Val Ewing said...

What a great day to celebrate.
Those strawberries look amazing as does all of your food!

Quiet day here. We like that!

Sandra said...

You have a welcoming and very large home! I sure would have enjoyed being at that table!