Wednesday, June 19, 2024

All Wet

The boys were not in the pasture very long this morning.

They were back inside by the time I finished cleaning the stalls.  SO HOT AND MUGGY as the day went on.  Heat index....100 degrees.

By 9 I was mowing the lawn as it was overcast and I could handle it if I was moving.  A friend stopped up for rhubarb while I was doing that and Gary picked some for her.  Business is still booming.
I even mowed around the outside of the big pasture.

I was very happy to get back into the cool kitchen.  The rest of the house was over 82 degrees.
Somehow I managed to pick what might be the end of the strawberries.
All Little Wonder and I wanted to do was stay cool.

I went down to Wegmans for a few things and we decided to have wings for dinner.  Cooper was working at the Rooster tonight and even answered the phone when I placed my order.  We have not had them since last year.

I went out a little before 8 to hose down the horses.

They both loved it and immediately rolled.
The barn was hot...hope they stay cool for awhile while they are soaked.
Night all.


1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

Yes! It was miserable. Nice of you to hose down your equine. Mine spent the day seeking shade and using the underbrush to brush off insects.

I picked berries for my neighbor in the rain. It started to cool off here but still very very humid.

Have a good day.