Thursday, June 20, 2024

How About a Break?

To all my pals who live in states that have months of this kind of have my sympathies!  A high of 92 and very muggy....again. The heat index makes it even worse. Not for me or any of my animals.  I'll take winter any day of the week.

Little Wonder needs a break as much as I do.

At 1 I was at the library for bridge.  At least it was air conditioned.  My partner and I tied for first place.
Home a little before 5 and took it easy.
Sandwiches for dinner and chores at 8.  By then the temperature was 84 and the boys had been sweating, so they got the water treatment again.

They were happy to go inside so they could get away from the bugs.

Night all.  Time to get back out in the kitchen where it is cooler.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Sweltering is putting it mildly, I would think. Hope it cools down soon, those hose showers would be so welcome.

Sandra said...

I am with you. I prefer winter to the hot, humid stuff. We are simply getting rain, rain, rain. When it finally relents it is going to me miserably humid. They do enjoy their shower.

Val Ewing said...

I usually don't like hot humid and damp. But those are the times I can go find amazing fungi and slime molds in the woods.

I don't like mowing in hot and humid, but oddly enough short term exploring is okay.

I hope you don't have to suffer too much. We are in for more wicked stuff. A flood watch and severe storm watch is in store from now through Saturday.