Friday, June 14, 2024

Charcuterie Boards

Sunshine again and the temperature got up to the mid 70s.  Fortunately there was a breeze.

At 10am I had an appointment with the chiropractor.
37 seconds of peace.
At 10:30 I met Jenny at Wegmans and we shopped for all kinds of goodies as she was in charge of providing food for an Art Show being held at the Morgan Manning Carriage House.  It was a fundraiser and Jenny (who is on is on the Board of Directors) volunteered to do this.  I was there to help and the charcuterie boards were gorgeous.  It's a good thing we had gift cards.

The space was perfect for an art show and it was well attended.
20 artists from the community participated.

A very successful event.
The boys got tucked in a little late tonight.  They were ready.

And to all....a good night.



Nancy J said...

Wow, a " Cornucopia" or a wonderfully ample display of every delight. I'll take the teal silk top any day. And the platters, what goodies beautifully arranged.

Val Ewing said...

Those bird carvings were amazing!

What a great day you had.

Sandra said...

Volunteering and community support run in your family! This looks like a great event with beautiful food.