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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Mexican Train.....

We have had an incredible amount of rain over the past couple of days.

I did not turn the horses out until 9:30 and they went right out to the pasture so they could get soaked.

By noon they were back in their stalls and Berlin finally ate her breakfast.

When it's damp, dark and raining I am very happy to veg in front of the fire.  Ariana and I hung out and did just that.
At 5 I went out to the barn while Karen was doing evening chores.  I needed to waterproof my sheets and blankets and will do it in the morning.  The horses were turned out for an hour and I'm pretty sure they were happy to get back in their stalls for the night.  It's very rare that they are not outside during the day....but it was so nasty and windy today I wanted them out of the elements.

Jenny made dinner for us tonight and it was fabulous.  Chicken French, orzo, green beans and salad.

Cooper and Ariana picked out dessert.  Yum.
Ariana (who loves playing board games) brought along "Mexican Train."  Have you ever heard of it?

A version of dominos.

It was a lot of fun!
Little Wonder joined us tonight and had a chance to hang out with Buster.

A fun evening.  Now, if it would just stop raining.
Night all.


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