Thursday, October 7, 2021

Bridge Today, Bridge Tomorrow

The morning started off with a lot of least it was not raining.

Berlin seemed perkier than yesterday, but still did not finish all of her breakfast.

The footing in the run in area of the horse barn is looking pretty good.  Let's see how long it lasts.
As you can see, it's still muddy in the front paddock.

By the time I finished cleaning stalls, the fog had lifted.

Right after chores I went to Tractor Supply (grain), Weggies (stuff) and Country Max (shavings).
Of course I did all that in my barn clothes and needed to take a shower when I got home before going down to the library to play bridge.  My friend Terry called this morning to see if I would sub for her.
Janet K.!  A couple of these photos are for you.  John M. was there today (and won again) and we had a chance to talk about your bridge playing days.  The other man is Skip P.  Do you know him?
My partner was another person you mentioned... Bill A.  We did not have the best cards, but the highlight of his afternoon was making 7 on a hand (we only bid 4).  The woman on the left is Barbara and do you remember Lorna, from the High School?
Home a little after 4
and Bill A. joined us for an hour or so.  He is writing a new book and Gary and I will be a small part of it.  He needed to take our photos.  While I started on dinner, they had coffee in the Studio.

By then it was 75 degrees and absolutely gorgeous.

There was some good light....

I finally was motivated enough to make dinner.  Mac salad, a tomato/red pepper/onion/cumber salad and Gary grilled a couple pieces of chicken.  Tasted great.
That's a wrap.  Have to clean the house in the morning as Hanny, Bobby and Lorna are coming for our monthly bridge game. Looking forward to it.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

Busy busy!
We are still not having people indoors here because the virus is such a hot item in our county. Visits are still outdoors if any visitors show up that is.

Your food looks yummy.
I had instant oatmeal last night.