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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Back in the Music Studio

Warmer than yesterday, but still cool with gorgeous sunshine.

Little Wonder loves being under his blanket and does not get up until he is good and ready.  Waits until I am ready to go out the door to do chores.

There is still a lot of standing water in the outdoor arena, but I think it will make the grass grow.

After chores I checked out the temperature in the Music Studio as my friend Jean (from St. Charles, Mo.) was coming out for lunch and some uke playing.  Regardless of the recent weather changes, it was pretty comfortable and the sun was blasting through the East window.

Jean arrived around noon and after lunch we played music for a couple of hours.  She brought along her Tenor uke but also has a Baritone...and has been playing the violin for several years.  Can't be easy, learning all those different chord positions!  Of course Little Wonder was in his usual spot.

She and Gary both have a strong interest in gardening and growing veggies and flowers.  They had a nice long chat before she left.
I am so jealous of all the canning she has done this season!  Everything was grown on her property and she also has a freezer full of fruit!  Umm...ummm.  Would love those peaches.
Good light this afternoon.  I need a nap.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

Sounds like it was a busy day with a lot to do. I'm happy with the extension of fall...well, of the nice weather at least.
Love the sunlight that filters through those windows.