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Thursday, September 30, 2021

#7387 Took the Day Off

In the high 50s today.  No masks and no fly spray.  The ponies are happy.

Part of my vacation day was spent at the library playing bridge.

All of the plants I put on the back porch this spring have gotten so big, finding room in the house is going to be a challenge.
The light was beautiful tonight.
Gary did some work around the windmill so we can put some grass seed down soon.
Then he grilled a couple burgers for dinner.
Now, we just have them open faced on a piece of toast.  So good that way.  Finished up the leftover homefries and made a tomato/onion/crouton salad with vinegar and oil.
Night all.


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Nancy J said...

Almost unheard of, a day off for yourself???? Hope you did enjoy every single moment.Your days must be getting cooler by now, LW will be happier with less heat.