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Thursday, September 16, 2021

#7373 Tomatoes Two Ways

Another beautiful day.  Cool enough to get me motivated.

I checked out the outdoor arena and except for one puddle, it was dry enough to mow.
Really like to do it when it's not all dry and dusty.  Once it gets like the lawn I won't have to worry about it.

After chores I mowed it (the grass is really starting to fill in) and
raked the indoor.

Then I decided to do some tree trimming.  If you're riding or mowing... this volunteer along the fence line.... had low branches that were always in the way.  Much better now.

Gary decided to make some sun-dried tomatoes and they were already in the oven when I got back in the house.  This was his debut.
After lunch I went out to the back fence line in the pasture and trimmed up a lot more trees (also volunteers). Ironic how they all grow in a line on either side of the fence.

Finally fried up some green tomatoes for dinner.
Also made pork chops.
Gary's sun dried (oven dried) tomatoes turned out very well.
They left an interesting pattern on the parchment paper.
Dinner was different and delish.  Do you ever put Russian dressing on fried green tomatoes?
Night all.


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